About us

Who we are

CommMiniBus is a social enterprise established in 2020 to provide transport to people and communities which other operators are unable to serve. We specialise in minibus operation and started a trial of the Kettering Catcher flexible bus service in October 2020. Following the success of the trial, full operation started in April 2021 with the introduction of excursions alongside the weekly shopping bus service. The company also hires the minibus out when not scheduled for regular services and offers discount to non-profit groups and organisations.

We always keep communities and our social missions in mind. We believe mobility is a basic human right which should be enjoyed by everyone no matter of age, physical ability and skills.

We believe transport operation should be down to earth and user-oriented. Therefore, we will focus on community engagement, work out how services best suits communities with users and constantly evaluate and improve our operations in a timely manner.

What our name means

Our name incorporates serveral elements:

  • Community
    Our services are community-centered.
  • Communication
    Our services would be designed by collaborating with local users and other stakeholders.
  • Commuters
    We believe commuters should also use community transport.
  • Common
    Community transport should be a part of everyday life.

If you think of something else, please let us know so we can add your ideas here and, of course, add meanings to our service!

How we make a difference

To be truly communal and to minimise cost, we will start small and the initial services will be delivered by our volunteers. Once a pool of volunteers, staff and users are in place, and a new habit has been formed in the community, services will be diversified, and the successful experience can be passed on to other communities. Please fill in the online form if you’re able to help!

We are also able to assist corporate partners or the communities who envision having their beespoke transport options! Please click here for further information.

We hope that our services will enable more people travel independently and economically for jobs, education and services.

CommMiniBus is the trading subsidiary of HKba (Hong Kong Bus Association).