Last updated: 27/04/2023

What it is:

  • Service Q and Service K are flexible bus services.
  • Passengers must pre-book for a seat on board.
  • All seats on the vehicle are available for booking.
  • Passengers making individual bookings may travel together on the same vehicle.

Booking Arrangements:

  • Users may call, email or text to reserve a seat.
  • Bookings are taken on Monday to Friday between 9am to noon.
  • Travel demands are entertained subject to driver and vehicle availability. We recommend users to contact us before making travel arrangements.
  • Passenger CANNOT make more than one journey between the same origin and destination in the same direction on any one day.


  • Fare is charged in accordance with the mileage travelled.
  • Fare will be calculated when bookings is being made.
  • Bus pass users are eligible for off-peak travel within the permitted service area, subject to the regulations of the relevant local transport authority where passengers board the bus.

Confirmation of booking:

  • Booking time and locations of pick-up and drop-off is confirmed the afternoon before travel.
  • We endeavour to arrive to pick-up and drop-off within a 20-minute time window (10 minutes before and 10 minutes after). We advise passengers to arrive at the designated pick-up point (usually a bus stop) 5 minutes before the scheduled time.