Kettering Catcher

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What is the Kettering Catcher?

Kettering Catcher is a flexible bus scheme for rural communities in North Northamptonshire.

COVID update: Click here for our latest coronavirus precautionary measures.

As a social enterprise, we always want to help people to start getting back out into the community. Although we’ve hibernated for months, England is starting to reopen now, and we want to offer our users the service that was pre-COVID, plus more!

With the re-opening of shops and outdoor cafes confirmed, it’s now time to escape the indoor and get some fresh air and retail therapy!

1. Who can use the service?

Anyone of any age can use our service.

To use our service, please fill in an online registration form.

2. Is my community covered? Where can I go?

We currently cover villages along the A43 corridor. Most of them are currently served by bus number 10 during peak hours, including:

  • Broughton
  • Hannington
  • Holcot
  • Mawsley
  • Old
  • Orlingbury
  • Pytchley
  • Scaldwell
  • Walgrave

Our bus takes passengers from these villages to either Kettering or Weston Favell Shopping Centre and back, allowing an approximate 2-hour stay at the destination.

Pick-ups starts at 9.30 am to enable the use of bus pass. The exact route and timetable is subject to passenger bookings and are confirmed the day before travel.

3. Can I go to somewhere else?

We offer trips for our registered users as CMB Trips.

CMB Trips are paid service. There is a non-refundable booking fees plus fare, including bus pass holders (depending on the destination).

4. How do I book a seat?

Simply call, text or Whatsapp us at 07888 011 891 or email

Please note that bookings are subject to vehicle and driver availability.

5. More about the scheme

Free off-peak concessionary travel within shaded area.

Why do you require pre-booking?
  • Pre-booking is the requirement under a flexible bus service registration.
  • By having this arrangement, we’re able to operate flexibly – we can operate any route within the permitted territory and are therefore able to respond quickly to passenger demand.
  • The bus can take the shortest route to the destination, which saves everyone’s time, fuel and it helps reduce pollution!
The Trial in 2020

Amid the pandemic, a trial for the scheme has started on 1 October 2020, providing both a regular weekly service between Mawsley and Kettering. The four-week trial ended on 22 October 2020 and the planned stage two coincided with the national lockdown and was suspended.

The scheme was a success in terms of both usage and user satisfaction (See our report). The current scheme is based on the feedback collected from users, who concern most about the destination as well as whether leisure journeys can be offered.

6. I’m not covered by the service. What should I do?

We’ve written to some Parish Councils inviting them for collaboration. If you think this is an good idea and you want to have it, speak to us or tell your neighbours, or even Councillors! When we have enough users we can operate a service for your community.

We look forward to meeting and serving you!

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