Coronavirus: Safe journeys ahead

Coronavirus: Safe journeys ahead

Updated on: 19 July 2021

Amid the coronavirus epidemic, ensuring the health and wellbeing of our passengers, volunteers and staff members is our top priority. We have carried out risk assessment and will adopt stringent cleaning regime to ensure our vehicle will not be the breeding ground of the virus. This is in accordance with the guidelines published by the Department of Transport and Community Transport Association. However, we will need your cooperation to make it happen.

Although face masks are no longer mandatory for passengers from 19 July 2021, you’re still encouraged to wear a mask if you can. We understand that it may not be possible sometimes when the bus is hot in the day, therefore we will keep our bus as ventilated as possible to minimise the risk.

We invite our passengers to adhere to the following measures with us:

Pre-trip measures:
  • Masks to be prepared by passengers;
  • Sanitising of vehicle;
  • Temperature check carried out for passengers before boarding.
  • Two rapid flow tests to be carried out by driver and passenger assistants per week.
Boarding / During the trip:
  • Temperature / health check, unaided boarding, alighting & seatbelt fastening;
  • Reduction of capacity & maintenance of social distance;
  • Switching on of extraction fan & opening of windows.
After trip:
  • When required, contact users any coronavirus-related health issues and report to NHS for tracking;
  • Extra cleaning of key touch points after trips.