To enable our members enjoy a day out in places of interest, we’ll hold a series of outings during the warmer months. Currently, with the coronavirus epidemic, trips are suspended. Please stay tuned for further announcements in early 2021.

In the meantime, stay healthy and safe.

Note: Due to the pandemic, we’ve suspended our regular services and trips.

Popular Destinations

Rushden Lakes Shopping Centre

Home to tens of big names, it’s surely a place for you to get something you need. Even better, there’re cafes and restaurants for you to take a rest, as well as the lakes where you’re able to immerse yourself into mother nature!

Garden Centres

Garden Centre is another popular destination in warmer months. We’ll organise trips to garden centres suggested by our users.

Seaside town

Although the journey could be a bit longer, it’s still worth it to treat yourself a relaxing trip and an afternoon sitting in front of the sea.