To enable our members enjoy a day out in places of interest, we’ll hold a series of outings during the warmer months.

In response to our users’ requests for leisure trips and new destinations, we’ll start offering trips in June. Our bus would pick you up after 9.30 am and will return from the destination after lunch.

Trips are paid service. There is a £1 booking fee + fare, which is charged if we cannot take bus passes. Seats are limited and bookings will be closed one week before travel day. To reserve a seat, call / text us at 07888 011 891, email us at or fill in an online form. First come, first served.

Trips for November 2021

Update: Passengers may request to be picked up at Kettering Horse Market too.

November 2021 (Wednesdays)

Serving:All villagesAll villagesAll villagesAll villages
(Town / Asda)
Rugby Town*Rushden Lakes
(Shopping Ctr. / Waitrose)
Book from:25 Oct 202125 Oct 202101 Nov 202108 Nov 2021
*Fare applies for all passengers, including bus pass holders

Popular Destinations

Rushden Lakes Shopping Centre

Home to tens of big names, it’s surely a place for you to get something you need. Even better, there’re cafes and restaurants for you to take a rest, as well as the lakes where you’re able to immerse yourself into mother nature!

Market Harborough

The Market is a charming market town full of history, culture, delicious food and independent retailers. Our bus stops at Harborough Indoor Market, which has 800 years of history and over 60 independent traders. There is surely something for everyone!

Garden Centre

Garden Centre is another popular destination in warmer months. We’ll organise trips to garden centres suggested by our users.

Seaside town / Afternoon tea / Christmas dinner

Although the journey could be a bit longer, it’s still worth it to treat yourself a relaxing trip and an afternoon sitting in front of the sea.

Too far for you? Grab your friends for a meal and let us take you there!