Warm Spaces

Accessing warm spaces using our community transport service this winter

Our community bus service does not only take people to shop, but also enable passengers to socialise and be more active, enhancing their wellbeing.

This year, a number of warm spaces have been set up around Northamptonshire. Residents in a number of rural communities are able to make use of our weekly shopper bus service to access these venues indepently.

Brixworth Zone – Shopper Hopper Service (Monday)

Warm Spaces served:

  1. Naseby Village Hall
  2. Brixworth Library

Please note that this service is pre-booked service.

Mawsley Zone & Overstone Zone – Kettering Catcher Bus Routes (Friday)
  1. Kettering Library
  2. The Centre at Mawsley
  3. Weston Favell Library

For more information about warm spaces, please refer to the following websites: