Car dependence leads to social isolation

There has been a trend of decreasing public spending on buses. Places hardest hit are rural areas, where population density is too low for the service to profit. Some places are even said to be “deserted”. The result for this is simple. People simply move house, or switch to other modes and in most cases, cars.

Reports have shown that bus cuts and reduced accessibility means old people are often being stuck at home, since they are less able to drive. Residents are unable sort themselves out independently and cannot assess services once they require.

This leads to social isolation, increased loneliness and health issues. With the trend of ageing population, the trend of bus cuts needs to be reversed urgently.


Shopper service

Bus pass users are entitled free off-peak bus services. They can make use of the shopper service to locations (usually the town centre) to access services, including shops, supermarkets, banks and so on.

Commuter Service

Communities located near railway stations attract railway users who work at nearby stations. Our bus schemes can help residents connect to a public transport hubs during peak hours.

Excursion/ Bus Hire

Excursions are longer trips to places of interest at weekends. They have been proven popular in other communities. We may also help if you require a larger vehicle for your group travel.

Benefits of community transport

Freedom and Independence

With bus service available, those who are less able to drive can independently access services or shops without needing to rely on others to give them a lift. For others, they are able to choose whether to drive or not, rather than being forced to drive all the time.

Better air quality

Car is a major source of roadside air pollution and carbon emission. You can help reduce carbon emission by taking public transport.

Ease congestion

Cars take up a lot of space both on roads and in terms of parking. If more people use buses, which can carry a lot more passengers using much less space, we can help ease pressure on the existing road network and free up lands which are used as car parks.

Share your thought with us…

Feel free to discuss possible options which we can offer to your local area.

Not sure if there is a genuine demand for the service? Sometimes public engagement campaigns or education programmes can be good starting points. We can also help out with that.

Alternatively, if you’d like to be part of our team, or want us to share your story with others, you may fill out the online form as well.

What users of community transport say ...

Users of Kettering Catcher bus from Mawsley

Users of Kettering Catcher bus from Mawsley

We've lost our off-peak bus service since Stagecoach withdrew it a few years ago. We're grateful to have got this service so we're able to get out and about, and have some laugh on the bus every week!

A user of Ability Community Bus Service

A user of Ability Community Bus Service

It’s like a social club on the wheels! We get to chat to each other on the journey, meet friends and get out and about. Otherwise it’s like being a prisoner in your own home and the TV is your best friend.

A user of Coggeshall Community Bus

A user of Coggeshall Community Bus

We moved here fourteen years ago. One of the reasons was that we heard about the community bus so we never have to pay any other charges to the car park.