Are we your missing piece?

Community transport is sometimes considered a missing piece in a wider (transport) picture. Due to our smaller vehicle and greater flexibility, we are able to bridge the gap between the different modes in the transport system.

At CMB, we’re committed to offer companies and organisations bespoke transport solutions which suit the needs of their customers or members. Whether you are school, community group or even property developer, we are able to help.

Schools / community groups

Some organisation may own minibuses but only use them for for just two or three hours a day, leaving them idle most of the time.

Instead of owning the assets but leaving them unused most of the time, why not make use of our community bus service? We’re able to make use of a community bus permit to provide transport solution to your members, saving you human resources and the cost of maintaining the vehicle.

Employers / businesses / other CTs

Find it hard to attract workers or customers due to poor public transport? We’re here to help.

We’re able to offer shuttle bus service for your employees or customers, so they’re able to travel from a transport hub to you, without needing to drive a car or worry about parking.

We’re also able to offer connecting trips for users of other community transport providers and trains.

Property developers

Property developers are required to submit a transport plan for their planning permission and contribute funding for additional transport service for the community.

We’re able to offer consultancy service, as well as the actual operation of either traditional fixed route or demand responsive bus scheme (DRT).

We’ll analyse the site, explore different options for evaluation and compilation of the final report for submission. We’re also able to organise community engagement events if needed.

If you’re looking for an innovative solution which benefits your future residents and reduce carbon emission, speak to us!

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