CMB Travel Club

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Our service is flexible, meaning that our users can create their own bespoke service within the scope permitted by our community transport permits.

To make use of this advantage, the travel club aims to create a platform to enable commuters to ride-share, reducing car use and thus the carbon footprint.

1. Regular service

We’re able to offer member-only minibus routes under our Community Transport Permit. This is suitable for communities without adequate public transport coverage or with a group of younger generations who require transport for part-time work or education but without cars.

2. Demand-responsive service

In addition to the more regular trips made by commuters, we understand that our users sometimes require ad hoc journeys, say at the weekends when they go to the town.

We hope we can group these travel demands together so we can reduce car use, as well as carbon emission!

Create your route!

We’ll create a platform (For example, a Facebook group) so new routes / services are created bottom-up by members.

Since our scale is small, we’ll prioritise services or trips which benefit more users. Trials will be carried out on popular routes and other members can join and share the ride.

How it works

Using our service is as easy as one-two-three!

We will trial this innovative mode later. Stay tuned! Please kindly like our Facebook page, join our group and register to show your support!