Updated on: 02/04/2023

Community Transport is not just the old folks’ bus!

Each community has its unique transport need, so there is never a one-size-fit-all solution. Depending on the locality, the transport pattern and demand can be very different, so is the solution!

While smaller vehicles and flexible service work well in some places, other communities may require a more regular service with a higher capacity.

Not sure what you need? Contact us so we can help!

Our services

Public Transport Service for everyone

Our minibus is available for everyone. We operate different types of services for different groups of travellers:

Kettering Catcher is a group of shopper bus routes operated on Fridays for villages around Kettering.
Service Q & K are flexible local services which accept bus passes and operated without a fixed route.
CMB Travel Club would enable commuters and younger passengers to travel hassle-free without a car.

Private Hire / school bus service

Our minibus is great for group travel, say when a community organisation needs to take a group of pupils to a museum or when a family need to book a minibus for airport transfer.

Trips for local groups / parishes / activity organisers

If you are looking to travel to somewhere further together in a group, speak to use to see how we can help. Some trips are eligible to be served in the scope of our DRT services so bus pass holders can travel FREE.

Minibus driver training – MiDAS (in Northants or nationwide)

We’re able to provide MiDAS training for staff and volunteers operating minibuses, or individuals who may need a certificate as part of their job requirement. We offer both MiDAS induction and refresher training.

Transport solutions for corporate clients / new housing developments

We’re able to offer bespoke service for companies and organisations needing to transport their staff or users. We’re also able to provide flexible transport solution for new developments and prepare the relevant documentation for planning applications.