Bus hire

In addition to public transport services, our 14-seater minibus is available for hire when not deployed in our regular services. If you require transport for a group of friends, for your users or even your customers, feel free to let us know and see if we’re able to help.

1. For schools, organisations or companies

If you need to arrange transport for bus pass users in North Northamptonshire, the trip may fall into our Service K DRT scheme, which means bus pass holders can go FREE! Check and see if your trip is within the area covered today!

You may use our vehicle to:

  • Bring a group of students or kids to your premises
  • Collect a group of elderly users and bring them to your service centre
  • Organise a day trip for your users with multiple pick-up / drop-offs

We offer discount for non-profit organisations and charities. Simply pool your users up, get them organised and book with us!

2. Minibus and bus hire

Even if you aren’t a corporate client, you may still book our bus for your friends or family. Our 14-seater minibus is suitable for a wide range of uses:

Examples of uses include:

  • Bringing a group of students for a visit
  • Airport transfer to London Heathrow or Birmingham Airport
  • Private day trip or outing to the seaside
  • A trip to a garden centre or cafe for neighbours in your community

Simply pool your users up, get them organised and book with us! Again, if the trip fall into our Service K DRT scheme, bus pass holders go FREE!

We also have a 92-seater double decker bus available for hire in Northamptonshire and neighbouring regions.

3. Minibus availability:

Please see if our minibus is available for booking below. Occupied time slots will be marked as “busy”.

4. Quotation form: