78D Kettering – Weston Favell Shopping Centre

Last updated: 23/02/2023

Service 78D (D stands for demand-responsive) is a weekly bus route running as a DRT service in Broughton, Mawsley, Old, Walgrave, Hannington, Holcot, Sywell, Overstone, Overstone Gate and Moulton, providing connection to Weston Favell Shopping Centre.

Timetable – EVERY FRIDAY (Except public holidays):
Kettering ➡️ Weston Favell: 10:55
Weston Favell ➡️ Kettering: 15:15 [ALL stops are request stops]

Map of DRT Zone (Bus stops will be used when possible)

Pre-booked service available in shaded area.

Reservation – To travel on Service 78D from rural communities, please book in advance by calling or texting 07888 011891, emailing bookings@cmbus.org or filling in an online form.

Fare Table – We take exact fare, contactless payment and accept bus passes. [Please note that fares are capped at £2 until 30/06/2023.]

£2.0Lake Avenue£2.5£3.0£4.0£4.2£4.5
£3.5£3.5Broughton £2.5£2.5£2.5£4.2
£4.0£4.0£3.5Mawsley /
Old /
£5.0£5.0£3.5£3.5Hannington / Holcot£2.5£3.5
£5.5£5.5£3.5£3.5£3.5Sywell /
Overstone /
£6.0£6.0£5.5£5.0£4.5£3.5Weston Favell
Adult Fare (Left) & Child Fare (Right, in italics) of Service 78D

Booking form for CMB bus 78D:

To book the bus for Friday, you have to submit the request no later than noon on the day before travel (Thursday).

After booking:

1. You will receive a confirmation of the service on Thursday afternoon with the actual timetable generated. 

2. Please wait at the bus stop 5 minutes prior to the scheduled time. We aim to be punctual but the bus could be 5 minutes early and up to 10 minutes late, due to traffic condition or other operational matters. 

3. When boarding the bus show your bus pass or pay by cash or contactless payment.

By submitting this form, you agree to our our Terms & Conditions of our service and on-demand bus service and privacy policy.