Service 78D

78D Mawsley / villages – Weston Favell
via Kettering Town

Route 78D is a weekly minibus service from rural communities to Kettering and Weston Favell shopping centre.

Unlike traditional bus routes, the service contains an on-demand section where demand is lower. Passengers wishing to use the bus to and from the on-demand section are required to book in advance. The bus will take the most direct route to the destination if possible.

For passengers joining our service at timetabled stops, no advance booking is required but priorities are given to those who have pre-booked in advance. You can also fill in the booking form to secure a seat if you wish.

Once the booking form is filled in, we will contact you to confirm the booking. A confirmation text will also be sent on Thursday afternoon to confirm the actual timetable of the service.

If you haven’t done so, please register to use our services by filling in this form:

On-demand section of the service & location of bus stops

Fare table

Please note that the fare is charged per single journey. Please pay driver when boarding.

We accept bus passes, contactless payment and EXACT cash fare (Sorry we’re unable to give change).

Timetable – in use EVERY FRIDAY (Except public holidays)

(Read downwards)
StopReturn Time
(Read upwards)
D ⬇️Mawsley / VillagesD
09:52Red Lion Pub, BroughtonR
09:56Lake AvenueR
RKettering Station (Entrance)D/R
09:59Horse Market (Stop 9)12:58
10:00Newland Centre (Stop 5)13:00
RKettering General HospitalD / R
DVillages / Overstone LeyD
10:30Shopping Centre (Stop C),
Weston Favell
12:30 ⬆️

On-demand section (pre-booked only)
Served for alighting on request