Kettering Catcher (K)

Kettering Catcher (K)

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Kettering Catcher is a flexible bus pilot scheme in Kettering, Northamptonshire. Subject to vehicle and driver availability, we are able to take bookings and operate a pre-booked minibus service .

The Public Minibus Service

Area covered by our scheme.

Kettering Catcher is a pre-booked minibus service solving the mobility needs of communities. By registering as a pre-booked service, we’re able to operate any route within the permitted territory, do not need to have a fixed timetable and are therefore able to respond quickly to passenger demand.

NEWS – Our trial is coming!

Create your route!

Our service is flexible, meaning that anyone can create their own bespoke service to anywhere within the permitted area. However, since our scale is small, we’ll prioritise services or trips which benefit more users. Therefore, we suggest users to try grouping themselves before contacting us.

How it works

Using our service is as easy as one-two-three!

Group travel / Bus hire

Businesses and organisations within the area covered are able to book on behalf of their users and clients. Simply pool your users up, get them organised and notify us to see if a vehicle is available. Holders of bus pass go free within the service area!

For destinations out of the area of service, we’re able to operate as an excursion or minibus hire. Perfect for family outings or even airport transfers.

Help us get the ball rolling!

We’ve written to some Parish Councils inviting them for collaboration. If you think this is an good idea and you want to have it, speak to us or tell your parish Councillors! We look forward to meeting and serving you!

If you want to know more about how your community can benefit from our scheme, please contact us.

*We’ll observe social distancing and impose a reduced capacity until further notice, to ensure the health and wellbeing of our users and to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

To book a seat or enquire…

Call, text or Whatsapp us at 07888 011 891 or email us at

User Registration

To use our service, please register using the online form below. If you require further assistance, feel free to call, text or email us.

If you’re enquiring on behalf of a company or organisation and would like to help your users, please email us.