You are currently viewing Newsletter (December 2022) – New zones & the £2 fare cap.

Newsletter (December 2022) – New zones & the £2 fare cap.

Our latest newsletter features not only the services and trips we have scheduled in January and February, but also includes a map showing our new service zones!

To reserve a seat on the trips, please use this link.

We will be offering FREE trial trips for communities without our regular services in the new year, including “Haddon Zone” where a new “Haddon Hopper” service will be introduced. If your village is not on the list, why not give us a shout and set up your own service?

Please also be aware that there might be slight changes of our services in December / January. We still have a few seats left on the 28/12 services to Rushden Lakes, contact us to book if you’d like to check out the bargains after Christmas!

A £2 single fare will be introduced across England in Jan-March 2023. We’re offering the discount voluntarily on most services, including organised trips listed on Feel free to leave your cars at home and try traveling on the bus!