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Service changes during lockdown 2

The Prime Minister has announced a plan of four-week national lockdown from 5th November to 2nd December, which will be debated in the Parliament.

The lockdown
The government has since updated its guidance. We will have to stay at home except for a list of purpose, which includes “shopping for basic necessities, for example food and medicine, which should be as infrequent as possible”.

Local travel will still be allowed for a number or reasons, including “visiting venues that are open, including essential retail”. As for the higher-risk group known as the ” clinically extremely vulnerable”, including those aged 70 or over, shielding is necessary only if they are residing in locations where local COVID alert level is “very high”. Currently, Northamptonshire is at “Medium” alert level.
Further studies have, once again, proof that public transport is safe to use, provided that precautions have been taken. (

Our position
We understand that some of you may choose to stay at home instead of traveling to shops during this period. However, our Kettering Catcher service will continue to support users who rely on us for their weekly essential shopping and the trial scheme will be subjected to the following amendments: 

– The service will now be serving essential shops in Kettering and Rushden Lakes; 
– Return time will be noon instead of 12:30, taking into account of closure of some shops and cafes; and
– We offer free travel for volunteers providing food delivery service to elderly people.

To book a seat, please contact us as usual. Please also pass this message to anyone who may need our service (either as passengers or volunteers!). 

In the mean time, stay safe and we’ll meet again soon.