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Stay active, stay safe.

More shops are due to open next Monday (15th June), as the figures of coronavirus continues to drop.

While we’re all relieved that the the most dangerous time in the pandemic has gone, it’s still essential for us to take precautions, as some of the non-essential shops are not as big as supermarkets, meaning that it might not be possible to maintain social distancing.

The WHO said a small number of COVID patients are fully asymptomatic, meaning that they’re able to carry and spread the virus through their body fluid without even knowing it. Face coverings are effective in prevent the spread of body fluid through coughing or sneezing.

The government will make face coverings mandatory in public transport. This is due to the fact that full adherence to the two-metre social distance is impossible on buses or trains, whenever there’re passenger movements.

Operators have been working hard to clean vehicles, direct passengers to the suitable seats and provide hand sanitisers for passengers to use, but we need your help.

Wear a face covering, stop the spread the virus and protect everyone on board.