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Newsletter (July 2021) – A new image

July has been a busy month for us and our minibus. We’ve rolled out a full trip schedule, done improvement work on the bus and reached out to the community. In August, we’ll keep providing trips so you can enjoy the warm weather. Please refer to the attached newsletter for details. Feel free to book your seat or forward this message to anyone who might want to use our service. 

We’re starting to get some new users (thank you for getting registered!) but we need more to make the service sustainable, so please keep spreading the word for us. We also need some help in handling the admin (A big thank for bearing with the mistakes I’ve made!). If you know anyone who’ve got a few hours to spare and be our volunteer, let me know. Thanks!

Last but not least, the Northamptonshire ACRE is celebrating its 75th Anniversary and we’ll be part of their webinars. Please see for information and email if you want to attend.

Thanks again for your support!