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Book your seat to Rushden Lakes on Friday!

This week, the Kettering Catcher service has entered another stage. We’ve caught the bus to Wellingborough! Feedback from passengers about the location (Wellingborough) is great and we all enjoyed ourselves in a small cafe before setting off.
Having said that, I’ve taken the sad decision to cancel the trip scheduled tomorrow, following a limited bookings taken. This, once again, demonstrates that our service is truly demand-responsive and relies heavily on everyone’s support – if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it!
Looking forward, bookings for next week’s (long awaited) trip to Rushden Lakes will open on Friday 30th October. As usual, please call, text or email to secure your seat. If the first trip is full, you’ll be given a seat on the second week. If you’re going to Aldi or Waitrose, a shuttle trip to M&S will be provided at 11:00am. Make sure you book for that too!
We’re able to pick up or drop off at other villages or locations along the route. Feel free to book for someone living in a nearby village or even request to be dropped off at the BIG Tesco in Kettering – we’re able to do that!
While we’re still facing uncertainties regarding the epidemic, here comes an encouraging piece of news for the bus industry, where tests have confirmed that the cleaning regime of public transport is effective. (
See you on the bus!