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We’re back – post lockdown service update

Thanks for everyone’s cooperation, we’re finally getting out of the lock-down. Although Christmas won’t be as festive as usual, at least we can meet some of our loved ones and gather as a family (hopefully). Here I’d like to make a few announcements.

1. COVID restrictions

Northamptonshire will be in Tier 2, meaning that the rule-of-six applies in outdoor settings and off-peak public transport service is considered acceptable, provided safeguarding measures are in place.

As usual, we will continue to implement our high-standard COVID-safe arrangements to ensure the health and safety of everyone.

2. Update on our vehicle

A piece of sad news. Our Kettering Catcher bus has fallen victim to a catalytic converter theft and is currently awaiting repair. Repair is estimated to cost in excess of £1,500 and the insurance company has been contacted for a claim. Hopefully the cost will be borne by the insurer and the vehicle will be ready for service as soon as possible! Fingers crossed!

3. What’s next?

When lockdown measure eases, our Kettering Catcher bus will be back to provide essential shopping journeys to anyone who may need us. We will stick to our previous plan and provide trips every Thursday from 10th December connecting Kettering (Aldi, Tesco & Newland Centre) and Rushden Lakes, as well as any location along the route.

Bookings are being taken from Friday 4 December 2020. First come, first served. You’re advised to use online / e-channels to book a seat.

4. Help us while you shop!

The Kettering Catcher bus has joined Easyfunding, a virtual department store and a platform to help raise fund for good causes. Simply create an account, log in and use the link on the site to access the online stores and we’ll receive donation every time when you purchase, which will be used to fund and improve our service. It doesn’t cost you anything to sign up and to use the site, but it will be a great support for us. What are you waiting for?

To get registered for our service, simply fill in the form at To book a seat for an upcoming trip, simply call / text / Whatsapp us at 07888 011 891 or email us at

Although the most challenging time may still be ahead of us, I do believe that we can all survive if we can cooperate and take care of each other. As usual, the bus will be ready for everyone and I hope to meet you soon!