You are currently viewing Newsletter (August 2021) – Introducing the 78D bus!

Newsletter (August 2021) – Introducing the 78D bus!

The latest newsletter has finally come! I hope all of you have enjoyed a great summer – we’ve had quite a few days with lovely sunny weather! As we’re approaching autumn in September, trips are moving back to our usual Wednesday and we’ll be accepting bookings from anyone using bus stops in Kettering. Please find attached the itinerary. 

We’ve been trying to make the service for everyone and gain more exposure as a form of public transport, so we’ll number our Friday Catcher service, adding some fixed, timetabled stop and publishing a fare table, while maintaining a degree of flexibility when serving villages. You’ll find more information on the cover story of the newsletter.

Last but not least, users with emails would probably receive a confirmation from Google when I enter their booking details. From next month I will publish the link so you’re able to fill that out yourself – we’ll send you another acknowledgment email after your seat has been confirmed – hopefully this could make sure bookings are recorded in a timely manner.

Thanks for your support to our service and have a great time in the following bank holiday weekend!